Compare hotel rooms with serviced apartments

Compare Southampton hotel prices, room sizes, layouts and amenities to those in our apartments and discover how much more you'll get by booking one of our serviced properties.

Hotel alternative comparison diagram

*The floor plans above are based on average UK hotel room sizes as classified by TRI Hospitality Consulting ( in their report 'Hospitality Consulting – Budget Hotels UK 2007'. The floor plan we show for our own property is not that of any particular apartment, but is representative of the size and layout of a typical 1 bedroom apartment in the Ocean Village complex. We have a number of properties in Ocean Village, with variations in room number, size and layout, contact us to find out what's currently available.

**Prices are based on a search for actual Central Southampton hotel rooms done on the 18/07/2017. The search was for a standard double room for a stay of 1 night, on a date one month from the search date; the price is per room not per person. Hotels were all located within 3.5 miles of the city centre and the prices were aggregated from actual searches on LateRooms, Trivago, Expedia and We've quoted the average price for each category.

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Get much more space for your money!

The floor plans allow you to compare the floor area and layout of our serviced apartments with that of typical UK hotel rooms and demonstrate just how much more space you'll get for your money.*

Southampton hotel prices compared with our serviced apartments

The real examples** below show average prices for hotel rooms in central Southampton across a range of grades:

• 3-star hotels average £96 per night (= £672 per week).

• 4-star hotels average £127 per night (= £889 per week).

• 5-star hotels average £152 per night (= £1064 per week).

Our quality serviced properties start at just £495 per week, so you can gain the benefits of a serviced apartment for the price of a hotel room – or less!